Electrical Energy Meters


Ningbo Sanxing Electric Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Sanxing Electric Co.,Ltd., a key branch of AUX group, established in 1989, keeps the largest energy meter production capacity in the world since 2003, ranking at the top position of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) with more than 30% market shares, and supplies of over 12 million energy meters. Product series cover both, mechanical & electronic, Single/Three Phase Energy Meter, Multi-tariff/Function Energy Meter, IC Card/Keypad Prepayment Energy Meter, Socket Energy Meter, AMR/AMI Solution, etc. With current manufacturing facilities of 120,000 m2 for 4000 employees based in Ningbo, China, a new industrial base with 400,000 m2 is under construction which will expand their production capacity to fulfill future market demands. ISO9001, KEMA, DLMS, STS Certificates ensure SANXING as a qualified metering player.




Single Phase Meters

DD201 Mechanical Energy Meter / DDS188-A10 LCD Display Energy Meter / DDS188 A11 Energy Meter (Register) / DDS188 Din Rail Energy Meter / DDS188-ML Three Wire Energy Meter / SX1B7-MCLT-10 Multi Function Energy Meter / DDZY188-Z Single Multi-tariff Smart Energy (PLCRF Remote Control) / SX1B5-MDLT-03 Multi-tariff Energy Meter / SX1A8-MDLR-07 Full Anti-tamper (Double Neutral Wire) Energy Meter / SX1B7-MELT-10 Multi Function Energy Meter (DLMS Protocol) / SX1A0-PCLS-01 Integrated Keypad Prepaid Energy Meter / DDZY188C IC Card Prepaid Energy Meter / DDZY188C-Z IC Card Prepaid Smart Energy Meter / SX1A1-SELS-05 DLMS Smart Energy Meter / SX1R1-MALT-10 Round Socket Energy Meter.

Three Phase Meters

DT902 Mechanical Energy Meter / DTS188 RU101 Energy Meter (Register) / DTS188 EC201 LCD Display Energy Meter / DTS188 RL Din Rail Energy Meter / DTZY188-Z PLC Prepaid Multi-function Energy Meter / SX5Z1-SDLT-12 21-SX5Z1-SDLT-12 Three Phase Multi-function Energy Meter (RS485 Port, Class 0.5 as General Meter) / SX5A6-MBLT-02 Full Voltage Range Active Reactive Energy Meter / SX5A2-MCLS-02 Multi-function Energy Meter (-21 Protocol) / SX5A2-MELS-02 Multi-function Energy Meter (DLMS Protocol) / 25-SX5E3-MSLS-02 Multi-function Energy Meter (SML Protocol) / 26-DTSY 188 IC Card Prepaid Three Phase Energy Meter / 27-SX5A2-SELS-04 Three Phase DLMS Multi-function Smart Energy Meter (Remote Control) / DJGZ23-SX129 Concentrator